Mayet Yoselini Gutierrez, Venezuelan. Living under precarious conditions in Brazil's northern state of Roraima, she was transferred to Rio in August 2019, through Brazil's internal relocation programme. Over 5,000 Venezuelans have been relocated from Roraima to 17 other states in the country, an initiative supported by the Brazilian Armed Forces, civil society and the UNHCR (the UN Refugee agency). 

A girl participates at the 8M march on International Women's Day in downtown Rio. 

Geannine Pollazzon, fashion designer of Brazilian brand Suia at her old atelier.

Mohammed, a refugee from Morocco. He teaches Arabic at a language school in Rio that hires refugees as language teachers.

A resident at Casa Nem, a house that provides shelter to LGBTI+ people in Rio.

Lucas Cambuy, ophthalmologist and friend.

Lucas Cambuy, ophthalmologist at Corcovado, Rio. 

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